The rate of hair loss in modern population is gradually increasing and the causes are diverse. One in five people in Korea are experiencing hair loss problem and the age group of the people who use anti- hair loss products is decreasing. It is known that hair loss is caused by many different reasons not just by genetic factors. For men in particular, hair loss happens when hair growth time is shortened when testosterone is converted into DHT by reductase and attacks hair follicles. In recent years, many studies have been conducted on discovering extracts that inhibit the activity of reductase which will potentially alleviate the progression of hair loss. Moreover, external factors that cause hair loss include stress, irregular lifestyle, use of transient chemical dyes and environmental hormones. Even though there are many anti-hair loss products these days, the satisfaction rate of these hair loss products is only 13.5%. (Korean Consumer Agency, 2016)


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    DHT attacks hair follicle reducing its size
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    Reduced hair follicle decreases hair growth time causing hair loss
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    Damaged hair becomes thinner, shorter and lighter

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Baicalin, a flavonoid, affects the activity of human dermal papilla cells and promotes anagen induction in mice.

2 August 2018, by Shin SH1, Bak SS, Kim MK, Sung YK, Kim JC.

Baicalin, a flavonoid isolated from Scutellaria baicalensis, is known to have multiple biological functions. Recent studies have demonstrated that baicalin treatment increases alkaline phosphatase activity (ALP) and osteoprotegerin secretion by osteoblasts. Furthermore, baicalin induces the differentiation of cultured osteoblasts via the activation of the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway. In this study, we evaluated the hair growth-promoting effects of baicalin in human follicular dermal papilla (DP) cells. A reporter assay and Western blotting were used to assess the effect of baicalin on β-catenin signaling in DP cells. ALP activity and messenger RNA (mRNA) expression were examined by ALP staining and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), respectively. Growth factor expression levels were also evaluated using real-time PCR. Finally, the effect of baicalin on hair growth in vivo was examined by topical application of baicalin on the shaved dorsal skin of C57BL/6 mice.


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Effects of Tocotrienol Supplementation on Hair Growth in Human Volunteers

Lim Ai Beoy,1 Wong Jia Woei,2 and Yuen Kah Hay1,*

Studies have shown an association between oxidative stress and alopecia. Patients with alopecia generally exhibit lower levels of antioxidants in their scalp area as well as a higher lipid peroxidation index. Tocotrienols belong to the vitamin E family and are known to be potent antioxidants. Hence, a study was conducted to investigate the effect of tocotrienol supplementation on hair growth in volunteers suffering from hair loss. Twenty one volunteers were randomly assigned to orally receive 100 mg of mixed tocotrienols daily while 17 volunteers were assigned to receive placebo capsule orally. The volunteers were monitored for the number of hairs in a pre-determined scalp area as well as the weight of 20 strands of 1 cm length hair clippings at 0 (before supplementation), 4 and 8 months. The number of hairs of the volunteers in the tocotrienol supplementation group increased significantly as compared to the placebo group, with the former recording a 34.5% increase at the end of the 8-month supplementation as compared to a 0.1% decrease for the latter. Nevertheless, the cumulative weight of 20 strands of hair clippings did not differ much from the baseline for both supplementation groups at the end of the study period.


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The promotion of hair regrowth by topical application of a Perilla frutescens extract through increased cell viability and antagonism of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

Li JJ1, Li Z2, Gu LJ3, Choi KJ3, Kim DS4, Kim HK5, Sung CK6.

This study investigated the potential hair regrowth effects associated with a plant extract of Perilla frutescens, which was selected due to its putative hair regrowth activity. Extracts were prepared from dried P. frutescens suspended in distilled water, where the resultant aqueous suspension was fractionated sequentially using hexane, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, and distilled water. We observed that the n-butanol fraction resulted in the highest hair regrowth activity. The n-butanol soluble fraction of P. frutescens extract (BFPE) was further separated using AB-8 macroporous resin and silica gel chromatography to obtain rosmarinic acid (RA), which demonstrated effective hair growth regeneration potential. BFPE also showed in vivo anti-androgenic activity following the use of a hair growth assay in testosterone-sensitive male C57Bl/6NCrSlc mice. Furthermore, the effects of cell viability promotion were investigated following an in vitro analysis in primary hair follicle fibroblast cells (PHFCs) treated with RA. The results suggested that RA was the active compound in P. frutescens that triggers hair growth, and RA could be a potential therapeutic agent for the promotion of hair growth and prevention of androgenetic alopecia (AGA).


How come all these hair loss products are not so effective?
Which shampoo should you use daily?


grunplus oriental therapy 3 steps

Cleansing Scalp

Heartleaf extract and quercitrin removes hair and scalp wastes through scalp cleansing and salicylic acid removes residues while antibacterial sophora extract relieves dandruff and itchy scalp.

step 2
Activating Scalp

The combination of mulberry bark and leaves, birchbark, perilla frutescens leaves, luffa cylindric fruit and cucumber extract nourish hair roots and keep the scalp healthy. Also, L- menthol adders refreshing feeling to the scalp.

Recovering Hair

Quince extract and honeysuckle extract repairs hair damage while glycerin maintains the balance of oil and moisture. Dexpanthenol, dimethicone and sulfur are effective ingredients that keep hair healthy.

grunplus clinical trials

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Grunplus is the best kit for my hair
I can trust it because I see the results with my eyes. I try to use it continuously.
(says the experimenter who is in his 40s)

“I participated in the experiment because I had serious hair loss problem. I had high expectations because these products were supposedly made with real natural extracts not synthetic compounds made with naturally-derived ingredients which just resembles natural ingredients. I’ve spent about 2 months trying the products with a pounding heart wondering everyday if they will actually work. Because they contained a lot of mulberry bark extract, which I was prescribed with from an oriental clinic in the past, I wondered if they will work and used it regularly. The products thick texture seems trustworthy and I used the hair tonic multiple times on the scalp everyday and I felt how the scalp was feeling refreshed and that hair started to grow. I questioned myself if that was the feeling of curing and used it more regularly thinking that these mysterious ingredients will be delivered to each of my scalp pores. One month earlier than my expectation, I already have seeable results and I never felt so happy in my entire life. Grunplus really works wonders!”


Kyung-jin Min, Ph.D
Professor, Department of Aging Biology
Inha University

The ingredients of Grunplus have very consistent properties from the perspective of Aging Biology studies. That is, the natural extracts are concentrated in giving excellent anti-aging functions. Referring to my research study ‘Life Extension and Anti-Aging Function of Betulinic Acid’, the anti-aging property of betulinic acid, which is a type of saponin contained in birch trees, was identified for the first in the world. I have high exceptions for the shampoo and the hair tonic as they contain very high amounts of these ingredients.

natural antioxidant ingredients for hair-loss theraphie

Grunplus continuously researches the effects of various ingredients to alleviate hair loss symptoms. Antioxidants that are effective in alleviating hair loss symptoms are known to suppress the occurrence of free radicals in the scalp and remove excess free radicals or lower their activity. It is also known as a substance that repairs damaged areas of the cells that make up the hair follicles and regenerates them to a normal state. The following extracts, which are the most contain ingredients in Grunplus products, are known to have very high antioxidant properties.

The new method for relieving hair loss symptoms
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