We think of the value of modern people’s life and healthy scalp.

Grunplus implements strict inspection system by participating in all production stages including identifying ingredients, research processes and extraction procedures in order to produce the best quality products.

We present optimized essential products to busy modern people by having various experts in academic fields, science, medicine and pharmaceuticals to approve the stability of raw ingredients and extraction methods. We highly value the sincere attitude that fulfills our needs.



Due to unsafe external environment and mental stress, people of modern world now carry the potential for hair loss. This is why I was convinced that the function of relieving hair loss symptoms should be added to the basic quality of shampoo along with cleansing hair. Since then, I began professional research on natural extract and extraction techniques. In the case of local hair loss shampoo market, the market size has rapidly increased but is filled with popularized products instead of high-end products that guarantee product quality. As a result, the expectation of many people, who experience hair loss and want quality products, is underminded. Therefore, I decided to create products that give full attention to their essential function. It is true that putting in more than 30% of natural extracts is difficult in order to keep low product costs. However, Grunplus chose to directly process the extraction of mulberry and other natural ingredients in order to increase the amount of extracts put into a product. And we make sure that Grunplus is branded in the way that gives you most satisfaction.

We hope you enjoy the experience of Grunplus, a brand that well-made.

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The new method for relieving hair loss symptoms